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Who we are? What’s our mission?

With a mission to connect the global community of Oracle users, we at KSAOUG are gearing up to bridge the communication gaps across experts using products offered by the ORACLE Corporation for varied business requirements & technological needs. Our visionary attempts to stretch the network linking users & tech gurus involve practices to host conferences & meetings to let people share their experiences in the presence of energetic speakers & friendly environment.

Go pro with KSAOUG Membership

Join the fastest-growing community of Oracle users & learn the best practices to leverage their fully integrated cloud app solutions in your business. We at KSAOUG are backed by a group of experts & speakers who’re adept at establishing meaningful connections among participants. Our group presents these profits of becoming a member of our group:

Lectures by professional speakers: Our conferences & events are being organized to invite the global Oracle users to explore more about cloud technology & get opportunities to learn from expert speakers.
Share your experiences & knowledge: Our KSAOUG membership plan will benefit you by eliminating the risks of potential mistakes and encourage the overall productivity defined for integrating this platform.
Learn & discuss your ideas: Upon becoming a member of KSAOUG, participants will get to know more about the potentials & uses of Oracle product with extensive knowledge about using the Oracle applications products.

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Become a speaker for impactful presentations

If Oracle technology takes all of your interests then KSAOUG welcomes you to showcase your skills & knowledge on the most discussed subjects. Let others know what you know & get a chance to connect with interested participants through technical sessions & discussions. We’re inviting enthusiastic speakers to stage our local conferences, events, & sessions to impart some knowledge to Oracle users among the Oracle users.

It’s all about your professionalism: KSAOUG offers a platform to let you share some insights on Oracle products with a group of experts using this technology.
Knowledge matters: The moment you start connecting to the people around, you will get the opportunity to exchange your thoughts with emerging tech leaders and attain prominence by becoming a professional mentor.
Get started with direct interaction: All the global experts can join our network to host the conferences & sessions with young minds & establish your career as a professional mentor or Oracle consultant with unmatched skills.
Offer consultations to users: Our program serves a platform to let you expand your knowledge & guide participants in wider areas of networking, career aspiration, management, & other aspects of working with Oracle products.

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