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The more you attend, the more you learn. Membership is all about joining a group of world-class leaders & like-minded people who’re passionate to know more about Oracle technology. We bring a collaborative environment for members to let them join other individuals & share their experience with other Oracle experts. We’re a group of enthusiasts who founded KSAOUG as a non-profit organization to connect the wide community of Oracle users with similar interests & valuable knowledge about the cloud database & technology.

The membership at KSAOUG intends to bring countless opportunities for professionals using Oracle products to boost their efficiency for enhanced business productivity. We’re focussed at inviting our Oracle community to scatter knowledge and insights into this technology & cloud database by providing a platform to have meaningful discussions on a broad range of topics.

The members of KSAOUG get a wide exposure to cloud technology through face-to-face sessions & events hosted by prominent speakers. Our global tech events are staged by professional speakers who impart their knowledge via webinars, presentations, & sessions.

If you aspire to boost your business productivity using Oracle then you’re invited to join KSAOUG membership. Connect with our Oracle user community & get problem-solving resources with great networking options.

Why Membership?

Most of the Oracle users face trouble to make the most of this technology for maximizing their profits for business growth. If you’re one of those Oracle practitioners then a membership at KSAOUG will benefit you in many ways. Being a reputed name in the competitive industry, KSAOUG serves a learning environment to let its members learn about the Oracle products, services, & related information.

Becoming a member of the KSAOUG program is a way to resolve your Oracle problems with direct interaction with proficient Oracle experts. Get involved in one-to-one sessions as you join our network of Oracle members not only to learn more on the technology but also to discover new ways to leverage Oracle products to speed up business operations.

The perks of joining KSAOUG membership eliminate the risks of costly mistakes and bring strategies to enhance overall productivity. In other words, Oracle users will gain more information with a series of sessions & events to strategize to make efficient use of the cloud-based software. Share your thoughts & experiences with Oracle products.

Our Membership plans

Our membership plans are exclusively based on the duration & the number of premium benefits provided to each participant. We host a series of conferences, events, webiners, meetups, master sessions, & classes to engage industry leaders in the presence of trained speakers. We provide multiple membership plans for interested Oracle users.

Our professional speakers run interactive master classes at affordable pricing plans. If you’ve decided to join membership at KSAOUG then you can choose any of the plans & let your employees get involved in the sessions.

Enrol with KSAOUG membership in the most cost-effective way & avail exclusive benefits of joining our network to have a great time with our experts.

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