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KSAOUG Connnect With Francisco and Nassyam – Upgrade your Database with Zero Downtime

Saturday, Dec 16, 2023

1:00pm – 2:00pm

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Oracle User Group is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting to encourage Oracle Professionals to leverage their skills from the global experts.

KSAOUG Connnect With Francisco and Nassyam

Session Title: Exploring Rolling Upgrade – Upgrade your Database with Zero Downtime

Abstract: The average time to perform a database upgrade is one to two hours. This downtime would not be acceptable for many organizations as it could significantly impact businesses. In this session, we will cover one of the little-known gems within the Oracle Database that database professionals can use to address downtime. The rolling upgrade feature significantly reduces downtime during an upgrade from hours to minutes – and now with Oracle 23c to zero. Come and join us to discover how this feature can change the way your company does database upgrades forever!

Speaker: Francisco Munoz Alvarez | Distinguished Product Manager, Oracle

Bio: Francisco Munoz Alvarez is an author and popular speaker at many Oracle conferences around the world. He was also the founder of LAOUC and actual President of CLOUG (Chilean Oracle Users Group), APACOUC (APAC Oracle Users Group Community, which is the umbrella organization for all of APAC), IAOUG (Independent Australian Oracle Users Group), SGOUG (Singapore Oracle Users Group), and NZOUG (New Zealand Oracle Users Group). He also worked in the first team to introduce Oracle to South America (Oracle 6 and the beta version of Oracle 7). He was also the first Master Oracle 7 Database Administrator in South America, as well as the first Latin American Oracle professional to be awarded a double ACE (ACE in 2008 and ACE Director in 2009) by Oracle HQ. In 2010, he had the privilege to receive a prestigious Oracle Magazine Editor’s Choice Award as the Oracle Evangelist of the Year–a huge recognition for his outstanding achievements in the Oracle world including the creation and organization of the already famous OTN Tours that are the biggest Oracle evangelist events in the world.

Currently, Francisco works for Oracle, as a Distinguished Product Manager for Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA) and Competitive Intelligence.

Speaker: Nassyam Basha | Business Architecture Manager

Bio: Introducing Nassyam Basha, a seasoned Senior Database Administrator and expert in Production Oracle DBA. With an impressive eleven-year track record, he currently holds the position of Cloud Advisory Manager at Accenture Enkitec Group. Nassyam’s educational background includes a master’s degree in Computer Applications from the esteemed University of Madras. In recognition of his exceptional skills and knowledge, he bestowed the prestigious title of Oracle ACE Director in 2015, along with achieving the esteemed Oracle 11g Certified Master accreditation.

Nassyam’s passion for Oracle extends beyond his professional role. He actively engages in Oracle-related forums, notably the renowned “OTN/ODevC,” where his contributions have earned him the esteemed status of Super Hero. Recognized as a Guru by Oracle support, Nassyam also serves as an OTN/ODevC Moderator, sharing his expertise and guiding fellow professionals. His insightful articles have been featured in esteemed platforms such as IOUG Select, ODevC, Medium, UKOUG Scene, and Toad World.

As an advocate for Oracle technology, Nassyam maintains a highly informative blog at, where he shares his expertise and keeps readers updated on the latest developments in the field. For further connections and professional inquiries, Nassyam can be reached on LinkedIn at

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