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KSAOUG Connect With Karan – Oracle Exadata X10M Under the Covers

Saturday, Mar 2, 2024

10:00am – 12:00pm

Session Title: Oracle Exadata X10M Under the Covers

Abstract: When it comes to engineered systems, Oracle Exadata X10M is the best place to run Oracle Database workloads in customer data centers or Oracle cloud. Its features like RDMA Memory (XRMEM) with smart system software eliminates performance bottlenecks in crucial customer transaction processing and analytics workloads. In this session, audience will take a deep dive whats inside X10M machine and what are its features, the session is intended for DBAs, DMAs, System administrators, Architects, Developers. Take a turn in your career and learn Exadata Database Machine.

Organizers: Nassyam Basha, Syed Zaheer

Speaker: Karan Dodwal | OCM (Oracle Certified Master) and Oracle ACE Pro

Speaker Bio: Karan Dodwal is a Database Consultant with specialization in Oracle High Availability, Cloud, and Exadata Environments, He is an OCM (Oracle Certified Master) and Oracle ACE Pro with several years of expertise in Oracle Database and Oracle Development. He works with Fidelity International as a Technical Consultant and he has given several services and trainings on Oracle Products in the Asia Pacific, Asia South & Greater China region. He is an OTN Author where he frequently publishes articles on OTN, OTN Portuguese, OTN Spanish, and several websites and his blog, and OTN Forum also to help Oracle Users. He presents sessions on Oracle Technology at various events and has given several webinars as well. He has set up several Oracle High Availability Environments on all platforms for mission-critical Oracle Databases. He is reachable at [email protected]

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Karan Dodwal

OCM (Oracle Certified Master) and Oracle ACE Pro

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